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Communicating With Members (18)
Communicating With Members
Sending Emails
▸ How do I stop receiving email notifications about messages?
Email notifications can be completely customized by you. You can manage this... Show More
▸ How can I communicate with other members?
You can communicate with members via email, instant messanger, or in the... Show More
Who's Online
▸ How do I find users currently online?
In order to locate members who are currently online, please click on Who's... Show More
Photo comments
▸ How can I view my photo comments?
Select "Galleries" located on the top of the menu bar. From the pull-down... Show More
Buddy list
▸ How many buddies am I allowed to have in my Buddy Network?
Free accounts can receive buddy requests however, only premium memebers are... Show More
▸ What is a buddy list?
Your Buddy Network is a list of your friends on the website. Your buddies are... Show More
▸ How do I unblock a buddy?
After logging into your account, select "Buddies" from the top menu bar, and... Show More
▸ How do I move buddies within my list?
To ensure that you are managing your buddies properly, please hover the... Show More
▸ How do I request a Buddy?
Your Buddy Network is a list of your friends on the website. Your buddies are... Show More
▸ Can I send a message with my Buddy Request?
Yes, once you click on Add Buddy, you are given the option to send a message... Show More
▸ Why send a note with my Buddy Request?
We suggest that you send a note with your Buddy Request because you only have... Show More
▸ Do I have to send a note in my Buddy Request?
No, your Buddy Request will be sent if you choose not to add a note. We do... Show More
▸ How do I approve Buddies?
Please follow the steps below to approve buddies: 1. Log into your site... Show More
Instant Messenger
▸ Are there specific software requirements?
Verify you have the most up to date internet browser, system updates, and... Show More
Chat room
▸ A user is being annoying in the chat room. What do I do?
You can control whether or not you receive messages from any particular user.... Show More
▸ How do I use video chat?
Video chat is incorporated into both our chat room and our instant message... Show More
▸ What is a flirt and how does it work?
Flirts let other members know that you have an interest in them. A flirt can... Show More
Blocking members
▸ How do I block a member?
You can block a member by selecting this "Block" button that appears when... Show More